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7 pc. High Speed Steel Saw Blades

7 pc. High Speed Steel Saw Blades

$ 6.95
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Who needs a brain surgeon when you can just do it yourself in the comfort of your own home? With these nifty saw blades, you can slice, dice, and zip through any connective tissue you see fit!* Goodbye tumor, hello mental stability! Only $6.95 for peace of mind. Or should we say a "piece of your mind"! Hah. Get it? These fit in your drill. Here are the specs.

-5 M2 Material Saw Blades

-7/8" Dia.--- 36 teeth

-1" Dia.---36 teeth

-1.25" Dia---36 teeth

-1.5" Dia---36 teeth

-1.75" Dia--- 72 teeth

-Arbor Dia--- .25"

-Thickness--- 0.8mm

-2 pc. Mandrels: 1/8" shank dia

*Use only on wood, plastic, soft materials, etc...

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