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Circuit board for NE555P oscillator

Circuit board for NE555P oscillator

$ 0.95

This is a small 1" x 1" circuit board you can use for making circuits with the NE555P (or the LM555, SA555 or whatever other equivalent) timer chip.  The board is designed to make it easy to use the 555 as an oscillator ("astable mode").  If you want to use the 555 in a different mode ("bistable" or "monostable"), you can cut two traces on the board with a knife, and use the extra pads to build whatever you want.

Please note that you're not buying the chip or resistors, etc.  You get just the board, ready for whatever project you want, for 95 cents.

Here is the schematic, as well as several project ideas.

Here's a video of something you can make (instructions in the link above):

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