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Clip On Cover Keeper (it's for golf.)

Clip On Cover Keeper (it's for golf.)

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"It's quick. It's easy. Just choose a permanent spot in your bag for each wood, clip the Cover Keeper to the bag, attach the cords to the headcovers, and say good-bye to the headcover hassle. Handling becomes as easy as putting them on, taking them off and letting them fall. Headcovers drop to the side of the bag and stay there, safe and out-of-the-way, until you return them to the clubs. For best results, clubs should be replaced in the same bag location after each use."-- People at Tee-to-Tee headquarters, may they rest in peace. 


We assume these are handy for golfers that are constantly misplacing their headcovers. They're also super-de-duper reasonably pirced at 75 cents each. How can you go wrong here? Honestly? 

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