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The Nature of Surplus

What is surplus, you say?

The Almighty Internet defines surplus as thus: 
  1. an amount of something left over when requirements have been met; an excess of production or supply over demand.
    "exports of food surpluses"
Our surplus comes to us mostly new, sometimes in various states, and we always do our best to get it to you in tip-top shape. It'll probably be really neat and exactly what you need. Unfortunately, we can't guarantee any particular color or style of certain products because we have no control over how many we get. So make sure you double check the will clarify for you. We also can't promise that there won't be some dust bunnies or other sneaky surprises in your newly purchased case of surplus. However, we DO promise that you will get the coolest, most radical surplus that we can get our grubby little hands on. You know, as they say...

That's the Nature of Surplus!